Antibacterial Hand Wash

Antibacterial Hand wash

Antibacterial hand wash is preferred option for cleaning hands in an environment full of dirt, germs and viruses. This antibacterial hand wash is a semi-clear, fluorescent pink liquid in color which removes dirt, germs and bacteria from your hands 99.9% and also gives an extra shield to your hands just like a disinfectant hand wash. It is available in a 5L bottle and works best with hand wash dispensers


This is suitably formulated with antibacterial properties and has a fruity fragrance. It is not classified as a hazardous substance by ASCC criteria. It is a ready to use product and requires no dilution before use.


Antibacterial liquid hand wash can be used as a general hand cleaner and suitable to place in bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens, as well as in the food preparations areas. It is best for use in residential, commercial and industrial facilities to keep your hands clean and germs-free.

Product Size

5L liquid hand wash refill bottle is enough to cater the maximum consumption areas such as offices, restaurant, cafes, schools, medical facilities, nursing homes, public washrooms, sports clubs or anywhere where the traffic is frequent and staying germs-free is necessary.

Benefit of using antibacterial liquid hand wash

Use antibacterial liquid hand wash regularly to stay germs free and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary that you place liquid hand wash in all easy access areas especially if you have kids around. Frequent washing with our antiseptic foaming hand soap doesn’t create any harshness or irritation on your skin but keeps your hands smooth and moisturized. Its fruity smell adds a refreshing feel.

How to use antibacterial hand wash

Wet your hands with water, take a small amount of disinfectant hand wash and rub it thoroughly between your fingers and against palm for a period of over 30 seconds to produce a rich lather, and rinse it off with water followed by complete drying of your hands. It will help you to take all the germs away from your hands and leaves an additional protective shield.

Storage and safety information

Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place. For external use only. Keep away from the reach of children. Avoid direct contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Rinse immediately with plenty of water in case of contact with eyes or seek medical attention in case of irritation.

Where to buy antibacterial hand wash Australia

Doesn’t matter, where you live in Australia, you can always place an online order by visiting GMA supplies online store and grab great discounted deal when you order a bulk quantity of this antibacterial liquid hand wash. You can also talk to our customer friendly staff, in case you have any queries or concerns regarding our products. We are always happy to satisfy our customers with our good quality products and optimum services.