Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Best Hospital Grade Disinfectant Australia

Using hospital grade cleaning supplies ensures a proper cleaning routine to kill germs and sanitize surfaces. Medical disinfectants ensure that you can safely use them for sanitizing medical equipments and as a floor cleaner in hospitals. Hospital grade disinfectant means that it is strong enough to give a complete hygienic solution for multiple surfaces. Due to the antibacterial properties, a high quality hospital grade disinfectant can be used not only in hospital but also for residential and other commercial cleaning purposes. It is an acidic based hospital grade antiseptic disinfectant enriched with excellent biocidal properties which can be used in a number of applications for killing germs and providing proper cleaning. It is formulated with Quaternary ammonium with food grade sanitizing properties and available with different scents to not only clean but also refresh the surroundings.

Application of Surface Cleaner:

It can be used in Schools, Nursing homes, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Food Manufacturing facilities and around the house to perform cleaning and sanitizing. Use in bathrooms to disinfect them for all germs, viruses and infections. Its acidic properties ensure disinfection of damp drain related bacteria and viruses, solving recurring pathogenic problems in and around shared use bathrooms. You can use disinfectant liquid to effectively get rid of germs and dirt on nonporous walls and floors, tables, chairs, sinks and all other washable hard surfaces made up of metal, wood, plastic, cement, ceramic or stainless steel. Also, it can be used on ventilation systems to eradicate odor causing bacteria.

Uses and benefits of best surface cleaners

  1. When vacuuming, spray the disinfectant to leave a fresh smell.
  2. Quaternary ammonium composition ensures cleaning of all materials including wood, plastic, ceramic and many others and killing germs to 99.9%
  3. Cleaning the electronic items such as screens, phone, keyboards, and mouse.
  4. Removing germs and stopping the spread of germs on door handles, and railings
  5. Keeps the surroundings and bins smelling fresh.

A wide range of hospital grade disinfectant supplies

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All these hospital grade disinfectant liquids are available in 5L quantity and neutralize your budget as well with the neutralization of bad odors around you.

Where to buy hospital grade disinfectant in Australia

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