Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station

Hand sanitiser dispensers provide hygiene at all time especially at high traffic areas. Automatic Hand Sanitiser stations are easy to use, refillable and more hygienic. It comes with the different liquid capacities making it suitable for every small to large place. This hand sanitiser station and dispenser is good addition to every bathroom, rest room, or any area where hygiene is to be practiced. It dispenses a reasonable amount of liquid or hand sanitiser gel and the product is not wasted.

You can select from a range of wholesale hand sanitiser dispenser Sydney offers:

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station System

These are adjustable with height metal stand and a round metal base with an on/off switch. It is a portable, refillable, touch-less auto sensor liquid dispenser which dispenses gel and liquid hand sanitiser in 1ml volume. Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser comes in black color and is suitable for all executive and public places in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Commercial Hand Sanitiser Station Bollard

Stainless steel body durable and robust bollard which is fully mechanical and requires no contact with hands and comes with foot pedal activation feature. It can be fixed or stand independently on the ground with its metal mounting base plate. It is ideal for hospitals, medical facilities, nurseries, schools, restaurants and any commercial facility to reduce cross contamination.

Touch Free sanitiser Dispenser for Smart Hygiene

Touch Free Hand sanitiser dispensers are wall mounted dispensers made from high quality ABS plastic and a push button. It comes in a white finish that is durable and provided with the liquid level indicator. It has a hidden lock design and provides one spray per pump. It does not occupy space on the floor and easily installed on the walls for easy dispensing.  It comes in 2 sizes offering 800 ml and 1000 ml liquid capacity. Suitable to be installed in homes, schools, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, nurseries, medical facilities, hospitals and any commercial or industrial space.

Where to Buy Online Bulk Hand Sanitiser Australia Wide

You can order any hand sanitiser dispenser by visiting GMA supplies online store and placing an online order from anywhere in Australia.