Sabrina Carpet Extractor + Free 1 x 5L Carpet Shampoo


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  • Unit Type: Carpet & upholstery
  • Cleaning Width: 290mm
  • Cleaning Area: 60m2
  • Motor: 1x 1500W, Two Stage
  • Voltage: Single Phase, 240V 50Hz
  • Vacuum Airflow: 3600l/m
  • Water Lift: 3000mm
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 14L
  • Detergent Tank Capacity: 14L
  • Tank Construction: Polyethylene
  • Trolley: Push trolley
  • Castors Wheels: 4
  • Toolset Size: 36mm
  • Vacuum Hose Length: 2.5m
  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Flow: 1.5 lpm
  • Dimensions: 300w x 420l x 530h

The Sabrina is an extremely compact carpet extractor and vacuum cleaner. Designed to clean carpet and hard floor areas, it is ideal for offices, homes, hospitality and catering facilities. The Sabrina is a true ‘carpet spotter,’ with a dry weight of only 12 kgs it easily transported from site to site by both male and female operators. The highly compact nature of the Sabrina makes it easy for this professional shampoo machine to be store in very confined spaces. The Sabrina is one of the most popular carpet and upholstery extractors.

  • High impact plastic tanks 14 litre solution and 14 litre waste
  • Tanks separate for transport
  • Metal Floor Tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Ability to easily view waste water levels
  • Mounted on four  caster wheels
  • Pump pressure 60 psi
  • 1500 watt two stage vac motor
  • Free 5L carpet shampoo
  • High-waterlift technology allows incomparable dirt removal and shortest drying time: carpet can be dry in 1 hour!
  • The size of the machine is small compared to its tank capacity. The machine is easy to carry even in a small car.
  • With a single machine it is possible to clean both carpet and hard floor, with the same tool.The commutation from carpet to hard floor cleaning and vice versa is done easily, simply turning a lever.
  • S-shaped tool, which allows to clean easily under tables and desks.
  • Vacuum head in die-cast aluminium, practically indestructible.
  • Special profile of the vacuum head, which allows a shorter drying time.
  • Plastic and rubber handles, which avoid the cooling of the worker’s hands.
  • The height of the handle is adjustable, for greater ergonomics.The handle allows the worker to lift the tool and to press the vacuum head down on carpet with a very small effort.
  • Spraying valve designed for avoiding any breaking.
  • Tubes in stainless steel, strong and rustproof for the whole machine life.
  • Quick disconnect spray nozzle, which can be removed by hand without using any tool. The nozzle can be cleaned easily.
  • High density polyethylene tanks, very strong and made for lasting a long time.
  • Transparent unbreakable cover, which allows to see the dirty water while it is sucked.
  • Recovery tank with integrated handle. The tank can be easily detached from the machine body, in order to make the tank emptying and cleaning easier.
  • The filter of the vacuum motor is easily removable for cleaning.
  • The gaskets are replaceable by hand since they are not glued. Easy to clean and change.
  • Strong wheels, in antimark rubber.
  • Brass quick-disconnect couplings, reliable and strong.
  • Water pump with bypass, which allows an automatic regulation of the optimal water flow according to the tool used. Moreover, the bypass device makes the pump more reliable and avoids problems in the years.
  • Pump built on Santoemma specifications, for a longer life.
  • Vacuum motor with thermal protection against overload.
  • Vacuum motor treated against rust.
  • Both motor and pump can work continuously.
  • Modular design that makes the maintenance easier. The maintenance of the machine can be done at low costs.