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Reusable Carry Bags

Plastic carry bags Sydney

A transparent plastic carry bag is an increasingly replacement of paper bags and used for containing and transporting food, grocery, ice, magazines, chemicals, household, produce, powders and much more. These carry out plastic bags are made up of thin but highly durable plastic material that can be used as a take away plastic bag by restaurants and other food producing shops as well as a grocery store plastic bag to transport gods from shop, and supermarkets to home.

A wide range of high quality plastic carry bags Melbourne

These singlet white plastic carry bags are easy to use, strong, and convenient to handle. You can select from small plastic carry bags, medium plastic carry bags and large plastic carry bags in a carton of 3,000 pieces whichever size suits your needs best. This plastic carry bags wholesale range is made from food grade material and easily available on our online store.

Benefits of plastic carry bags wholesale sydney

  • Transparent white color helps in sorting things for storage
  • Easy to carry and wider handles for convenient holding
  • Food grade plastic is safe for carrying food items
  • Durable to hold items at extreme hot and cold temperatures such as hot food and ice without sticking

Order your plastic carry bags online

You can order plastic carry bags wholesale quantity from GMA Supplies online store. Simply select a size from the available different sizes and put yourself at ease of storing, transporting and throwing goods.