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Disposable Gloves

GMA Supplies is the leading wholesale distributor of disposable gloves and barrier protection products in Australia. We offer all the cleaning products including a wide range of disposable gloves. These gloves create a barrier between your hands and objects you are handling to keep your hands clean and protected and keep oils and dirt on your hands from transferring to the objects. From vinyl gloves to nitrile gloves and latex gloves our variety of gloves cover a number of tasks your employees and customers need protection for. Our Cleaning Gloves can be used for hand and arm protection in medical, forensic, scientific, automotive, food service, household cleaning, and industrial applications.

We stock disposable gloves in a variety of materials, thicknesses, sizes, lengths, and colours. These cleaning gloves are made from flexible materials such as vinyl, nitrile, latex, natural rubber latex, chloroprene, and polyethylene.

Our disposable gloves are a necessity in many businesses. If you own a restaurant business, our fresh gloves supply your employees with the durable hand coverings they need to ensure the food stays clean and sanitary as they prepare it. You can just leave the boxes of cleaning gloves on your worktable so your staff can quickly grab a pair before touching food packaging supplies. Whether your employees tenderize meats, mix dough, or toss salad greens, our variety of disposable gloves will surely fit all your needs and they are conveniently disposable so you can throw them away as needed.

Need Help with Your Purchase?

Here at GMA Supplies, our goal is to provide you with superior customer service. If you need any help with your purchasing of disposable gloves or have any other question, we can assist you online via live chat and email or over the phone. Why wait? Our customer service experts are waiting to hear from you. Just give us a call at +61297730708 or send an email at for any query.