Bulk Disinfectants Chemicals at Wholesale prices

Antibacterial disinfectant cleaners are a great solution to clean and disinfect multiple surfaces and equipments in your home and office. It helps to kill infectious organisms and provide a healthy environment.

Formulation of Antibacterial Disinfectant

Our surface disinfectant specially formulated as a household and commercial disinfectant cleaner enriched with excellent biocide properties. It is the best disinfectant floor cleaner with high levels of Quaternary ammonium and nonionic biodegradable surfactants. This product is available with different scents to not only clean but also refresh the surroundings.

Choose from a Variety of Bulk Disinfectant Liquid

A wide range of best disinfectant cleaner includes antibacterial surface wipes, sani spray surface sanitizer, 5L Zeus All-purpose cleaner, hospital disinfectant eucalyptus, fruity disinfectant, lavender disinfectant, lemon disinfectant and cottage rose air freshener neutralizer and deodorizer. All these hospital floor cleaning chemicals are available in 5L or 20L quantity. You can also find disinfectant spray gun with sani spray surface sanitiser.

Application of Disinfectant 

Best disinfectant for home and best commercial disinfectant cleaner for salons, medical equipments, hospital floors, Schools, Nursing homes, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Food Manufacturing facilities and around the house to perform cleaning and sanitizing. Disinfectant liquid, spray and wipes to effectively remove germs and dirt on nonporous walls, floors, tables, chairs, sinks and all other washable hard surfaces made up of metal, wood, plastic, cement, ceramic or stainless steel.

Store in a cool, and dry place. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep the product out of reach of children. Keep container standing upright and tightly closed when not in use. Check regularly for leaks.

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