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GMA Supplies stocks the largest selection of heavy-duty garbage bags at the lowest wholesale prices and in bulk. We take pride in offering a vast variety of strong, durable and dependable Bags designed to fit your needs. Available in various capacities, from 18 to 240 Litres, our heavy-duty council garbage bags are ideal for small to extra-large cleanups around residential or commercial locations. We have all garbage bag sizes in stock.

Our 240L & 82L garbage bags can hold greater weight and offer exceptional tear resistance as well as load capacity. We stock a huge selection of residential and industrial council garbage bags including clear plastic, black garbage bags, Kitchen Tidy Bags, carry bags and many more. GMA Supplies is the best supplier of these items in Australia having everything you are looking for in stock and ready to ship. You can buy garbage bags in bulk and save.

We offer the largest variety of wholesale garbage bags at the best prices in Australia. Not all bin liners are the same, so browse our inventory to get the right type to fit your needs. In stock and ready to ship, GMA Supplies carries an assortment of the most popular sizes, including 18 Litre, 36 Litre, 54 Litre, 82 Litre, 120 Liter, and 240 litre garbage bag sizes, available for various purposes.

Our Plastic council Garbage Bags are a better and more cost-effective disposal option for paper trash. With such low prices, you can buy in bulk, so you always have them on hand for your home or business. Choose from clear or black plastic bags, available in 82L and 240L sizes from ELKA. Be assured, no matter what colour you choose, 18 Litre or 240 Litre, we carry only the highest quality council garbage bags at wholesale prices no competitor can beat.

Your Commercial Cleaning Supplies In Australia - GMA Supplies At Your Service

Keep all the waste materials in one place, use trash bags whenever possible. That should be the motto of every commercial space or business office in Australia. Imagine a world without disposable garbage bags. That’s a world with litter and dirt scattered everywhere. But you don’t have to live in that world at all. We have wholesale garbage bags for your business and retail store in stock.

Whether you prefer clear or black bags, we have options to suit your needs. GMA Supplies has them all. Keeping the surroundings neat, clean, and hygienic is essential for every commercial entity, especially in these times. We can supply you with bulk garbage bags at wholesale rates. It’s not a difficult job for us as we have a massive inventory of commercial cleaning supplies!

Keep Your Trash CANS Clean:

When you use clear council garbage bags to dispose of waste material, you are doing many things right. One of these things is the upkeep of your commercial trash can. That’s right. There won’t be any residue left inside the trash can when you use bulk garbage bags. Therefore, your trash can remains in good condition for much longer.

Convenient Method To Dispose Of Waste:

With trash bags in use, you are doing an excellent service to the entire community. It’s much easier to dispose of the garbage when it’s neatly wrapped inside a bag. You can dump all the waste at once in the trash can instead of putting one thing at a time. Similarly, your garbage collection crew would find it very easy to grab the garbage bag and throw it in their trucks.

All in all, buying wholesale garbage bags from GMA Supplies should be your number one priority if you are serious about running a clean and healthy business in Australia! You can buy all garbage bag sizes!

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Have any questions? Simply give us a call or click to chat live with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer any of your questions and help with your purchase. GMA Supplies are open 24-hours-a-day, seven days-a-week, so you can shop any time of the day or night at your convenience. Shop our online superstore for all your cleaning supplies purchases for low prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Experts at GMA Supplies will clear all of your doubts, whether the topic is about clear garbage bags or any other commercial cleaning products!

Easy Returns, Hassle-free Service   

If you are looking for garbage liners at wholesale rates, then you should come to GMA Supplies. Not only do we deliver your commercial cleaning products on time, but we have a generous refund policy in place as well. You can claim your refund by returning our items within seven days of delivery!

You can explore our websites for an extensive range of cleaning supplies. You can filter through our products based on the price and the date. At GMA Supplies, you will find various cleaning supplies, and different council garbage bag sizes across Australia, so you can find what you need!

We believe that keeping our premises clean and maintaining a safe and hygienic atmosphere is critical during the pandemic. Keeping this goal in mind, we offer high-grade cleaning supplies at affordable rates.

Our customer service team is always eager to address your queries and concerns. So, do not hesitate and call us now on 02 9773 0708 to place your order or make an enquiry.