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Providing a Variety of Commercial Soap Dispensers & Paper Towel Dispenser Sydney

Restroom cleaning equipment and supplies are necessities for every business that has a public or private restroom for their guests and employees. To help you provide clean and functional bathrooms for your guests, GMA Supplies provides the best selection of commercial bathroom accessories to meet your needs. Whether you are operating a school, restaurant, business office building, or other public area, you must have a toilet paper dispenser installed in your restrooms. GMA Supplies takes pride to offer the best dispensers at the lowest price in Australia.

Our range of dispensers include Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser, Hand Soap Dispenser, Hand Sanitiser Dispenser and much more. We have dispensers available in various material and color options. If you are wondering where to buy wall mount paper towel holder and dispensers, you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of commercial toilet paper dispensers and holders ready to ship anywhere any in Australia.

GMA Supplies offers dispensers in different installation types, as well, depending on the setup of each stall in your bathroom. You can choose a commercial soap dispenser that mounts to the wall, or go with a space-efficient recessed style, which is ideal for smaller restrooms.

Why Need Paper Towel Dispenser

The number one reason to choose a paper towel hand drying system is hygiene. According to a research paper towels are the most effective drying method for the removal of bacteria. That’s the reason that paper towels are recommended for use in hospitals and clinics. Beyond hygiene, paper towels remain very versatile and an all-purpose, team-player.

To manage your paper hand towels, you need a paper towel dispenser. It helps you keep your paper towels arranged and maintained. If you have a jumbo paper towel dispenser you just need to fill it once and it last for a long time, you don’t need to refill to again and again and it gives a beautiful look to your washroom.

Need Assistance?

Over the years GMA Supplies has expanded the selection of wholesale supplies and commercial equipment. We focus on your convenience. Our customer service representatives are available to serve you and help you purchase the best paper towel dispenser you need. You can order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24/7. Our low prices, fast shipping, and outstanding customer support make the best choice to meet all of your cleaning supplies’ needs.