Buy Bulk Hand Sanitiser Online 

To stay healthy, use of hand sanitiser is highly recommended. Alcohol sanitiser is the best choice for completing all cleaning activities and purifying the surfaces and hands from germs and bacteria.

A wide range of hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser refill accessories

When trying to buy sanitiser online, Australia offers a wide range of products which help to stay sanitised. You can find a 5L zeus all-purpose cleaner, sani spray surface sanitiser, instant hand sanitiser, hand sanitiser gel 5L, multipurpose alcohol antibacterial wipes, ISO CLEAN ISO PROPYL wipes, Elka Auto gel sanitiser dispenser, disinfectant spray gun, plastic spray bottle and much more.

Benefits of alcohol sanitiser and accessories

  • Quickly dries out
  • Food grade hand sanitiser liquid
  • Leaves no stains or residuals
  • 9% effective in killing germs
  • Compatible with hand sanitiser dispensers, disinfectant spray gun and spray bottles.
  • Easy to use during travel – keep in your travel bag to disinfect surfaces in your trip
  • Skin protective wipes formulation
  • Highly absorbent and large size to clean surfaces with minimum wipes
  • No residuals after cleaning oil, grease, dirt or any filth
  • Sanitiser dispensers help prevent contamination and easy to use
  • Auto gel sanitiser dispensers reduces the consumption and cuts on budget
  • Spray gun and spray bottle helps to reach all the corners of home, office or any space

Where to use sanitiser in Australia

These sanitiser products are best for use in residential, commercial and industrial facilities to keep your hands and surfaces clean and germs-free.  It can be used as a commercial sanitiser in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, medical facilities and other public places.

Where to buy wholesale sanitiser products Australia

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