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Heavy Duty Garbage Bags


No one likes to see stuff scattered around the place, especially if it’s the trash that’s collected throughout the day. It’s unhygienic, looks dirty and leaves a terrible impression on your visitors. Now imagine this happening with your business or restaurant place. You will certainly lose a big chunk of customers overnight, won’t you? That’s why you should get your hands on extra heavy-duty garbage bags at the earliest. We know just the right supplier of these trash bags in Australia!

Come to GMA Supplies and bag your cleaning products for wholesale rates. We have everything that a commercial space needs to keep its surroundings clean, hygienic and tidy. We keep our stocks full of these products, from extra heavy-duty garbage bags to hospital-grade disinfectants. We believe cleanliness is of utmost importance, especially during these trying times when one little mistake can harm your loved ones and you. Our mission is to provide high-grade cleaning supplies for every commercial and residential premise in Australia at affordable rates. We also can supply you with heavy duty plastic garbage bags to take away the waste.

EXTRA Heavy Duty Garbage Bags - Helps Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Businesses, offices and commercial spaces have to keep their surroundings clean at all times. No one likes to see litter or waste lying on the ground. Not your employees, staff or your customers. Besides, it may impact your health if you keep the debris unchecked. That’s why they use heavy duty garbage bags, or what they call trash bags, which is essential. 

If you own a store or run a mega shop anywhere in Australia, you have to have these heavy-duty garbage bags for waste disposal. You may try regular trash bags. But for most commercial entities, buying a garbage bag that can hold heavy stuff without getting torn apart makes more sense. After all, in a typical commercial space, the amount of litter and waste is much higher than what you would generally collect in a household. 

Our Range Of EXTRA Heavy Duty Garbage Bags For Sale 

Now that we have anchored the importance of using garbage bags in commercial spaces let’s see a few options that we have in store for you. At GMA Supplies, we have heavy-duty garbage bags from Elka, a renowned name in this industry. Thus, you will only get trash bags from top-quality manufacturers when visiting our website: 

  • Elka Clear Heavy Duty Garbage Bag Carton 240L (100 Rolls) 
  • Elka (75L) Heavy Duty Garbage Bags Carton (250 Rolls)
  • Elka Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bags Carton 240L (100 Rolls) 
  • Elka Clear Heavy Duty Garbage Bags Carton 82L (250 Rolls)
  • Elka 54L Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bags (250 Rolls)
  • Elka 120L Clear Heavy Duty Garbage Bags Carton of 250 (Roll) 

These are a few of the garbage bags available in our inventory for sale. If you want to know the price, specification and other details of these disposal bags, let us know! 

Litter-Free Garbage Disposal - Buy Our Cleaning Products

If you are having trouble determining which type of garbage bag you should buy, contact our team. GMA Supplies will surely help you pick the right commercial cleaning supplies for your office or retail store. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of clients in Australia. And there’s no reason why we can’t do the same for you! 

  • Our heavy duty garbage bags are available in multiple weight categories.
  • You can buy our commercial cleaning products online. 
  • We dispatch every order as soon as your payment is confirmed. 
  • Our customers are entitled to refunds within seven days of delivery, given that all the terms & conditions are met. 

At GMA Supplies, we have everything you need to keep your residential and commercial premises in Australia clean and hygienic. We offer quick delivery and ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service. We always look forward to answering your doubts and concerns when buying cleaning supplies such as heavy duty plastic bags.
Our heavy duty plastic bags are durable and long-lasting, and we ensure that you get your money’s worth. Give GMA Supplies a call, or browse through our collection of cleaning products. Thank you for visiting our website! Please call 02 9773 0708 to place your order or make an enquiry.