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Laundry Liquid

Laundry liquid is a powerful laundry machine detergent product that contains concentrated laundry detergent properties, when it comes to washing your clothes that are not only muddy but also greasy. Liquid laundry detergent has proved to be more convenient and exceptionally well for removing stains and best compatible for washing machines.

Best laundry detergent Australia Range

Our great value laundry detergent ranges from Laundry Liquid economy to Liquid Chlorine bleach and Laundry nappy soaker.

Laundry Liquid Economy 

It is an all temperature concentrated strongest laundry detergent with strong foaming cleaning properties. It is the best smelling laundry detergent Australia wide and leaves long lasting fragrance. Available in 5L/15L/20L/25L bulk laundry detergent bottles.

Liquid chlorine Bleach

It is a full-strength bleach that can be used for laundry applications such as linen, colorfast cottons and polyester. It is also the best laundry detergent for white clothes. Available in 5L/15L/20L/25L bulk laundry detergent bottles.

Laundry Nappy Soaker

It is the best affordable laundry detergent powder for use in commercial and household laundries where hygienic standards are required. This white powder substance has Eucalyptus fragrance which provides full protection against bacteria and can also be used for soaking nappies and white clothes.  It brightens colors as well as whites. Available in 2KG/4KG/20KG best budget laundry detergent packaging.

Where to buy laundry detergent in bulk online

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