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White Cotton Cleaning Rags

10Kg White Soft Knit Rags

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  • Material: White cotton t-shirts
  • Colour: White
  • Description: High absorbancy, low bulk

White soft knit rags

White cotton cleaning rags are the preferred choice for many households and commercial cleaning staff. Cotton rags white in colour gives a deeper sense of cleaning and any filth wiped out is visible to investigate further. These white cotton rags are an absorbent wiper ideal for many different things such as dust, oil, water, restoration and workshop areas for many different surfaces such as wood, marble, steel, and plastic. These rags are extremely durable and knitted finely to provide good absorbance and smart cleaning. 

The material of these white cleaning rags is cotton which is soft on most of the surfaces but tough on dust and dirt. It wipes out all the filth with greater ease. It doesn’t create any harsh scratches or leaves any residual upon cleaning.

Where to use white cotton t-shirt rags

These rags are suitable for many business sectors and environments such as:

  • Households
  • Washrooms & Cleaning sectors
  • Kitchens/Canteens in restaurants and cafes
  • Offices

 White cotton rags 10kg size is suitable to use at many different places. 

Benefits of white cotton rags

  • These are made from virgin material of t-shirt
  • Being white in colour, it doesn’t release any colour when wet
  • Softer to touch
  • White cleaning rags are more presentable and give a cleaner look
  • More absorbent 
  • Perfect for almost every cleaning job

Where to buy white cotton rags bulk quantity?

If you are looking for a good quality white t-shirt rags bulk quantity then GMA supplies are offering at reasonable rates which you can buy from anywhere in Australia. Contact us today to place your order now.