Foaming Hand Soap

2.5L Ocean Breeze Foam Soap

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  • Produces rich lather in just 1 press.
  • gentle on hands leaves refreshing fragrance.
  • Simply pour into refillable foam dispensers.
  • Size: 2.5L

Ocean Breeze Foam Soap

Foaming hand soap is a rich and soft formula for gently cleaning your hands without creating any harshness or irritation on the skin. It is a liquid foam soap which produces rich luscious lather with a lesser amount of product. This foaming hand soap is gentle and leaves a refreshing fragrance when used.

Application of foam soap refill

This gentle foaming hand soap refill bottle is available in a 2.5 ltr gallon which can be easily used to refill soap foam soap refill dispensers in your homes, offices, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, health clubs, and all other public places.

Usage and storage instructions for foaming hand soap bottles

Take a small amount of soap foam on hands and rub it thoroughly to produce a rich lather. Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children and inflammatory places. Keep the bottle closed after use in dry and cool place.

Where to buy cheap foaming hand soap

You can buy bulk foaming hand soap product from online store of GMA online store in reasonable price from anywhere in Australia.  We will deliver it at your doorstep.