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Antibacterial Surface Wipes Bucket 1000 Wipes

Antibacterial Surface Wipes Bucket 1000 Wipes

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Details Lemon scent 1000 wipes per roll / 1 roll per bucket 20cm x 15cm sheet size Lint free Highly absorbent and tough 5kg per roll Kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 seconds Disinfects households, kitchens and bathroom bacteria Neutralises odours Description Antibacterial surface wipes Disinfectant wipes are used to not only clean but also disinfect the surfaces from germs and bacteria. Whether you need to clean your home or office, disinfectant cleaning wipes are a great cleaning match. Packaging of disinfectant wipes This antibacterial surface wipes bucket contains 20cmx15 cm sheet sized 1000 wipes wrapped in a 5 kg weight per roll and 1 bucket contains 1 roll. Formulation of disinfectant wipes Australia These are highly absorbent and tough disinfectant surface wipes that kill 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds as well as neutralizes the odor with their lemon scent. These wipes are made of the finest quality made with a lint-free and quick-drying formula which makes your cleaning quick and easy. Application of disinfecting wipes Australia These residential and commercial disinfectant wipes successfully disinfect households, kitchens, bathrooms and all other public areas. These are the best disinfectant wipes for office, schools, restaurants, health clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, child care centres, gyms and many other commercial places. Where to buy disinfectant wipes near you You can buy the best disinfectant wipes Australia offers from the online store of GMA supplies and grab discounted deals on bulk purchase from anywhere in Australia.