Eco Citrus Neutral Cleaner

Eco Citrus Neutral Cleaner

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  • Neutral formula.
  • Lemon fragrance, green liquid.

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Eco-Citrus Floor Cleaner Formula

A dirty place is prone to germs and viruses and directly affects your health; so to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a surface cleaned with a suitable floor cleaner is essential. Eco-citrus hard floor surface cleaner is specially formulated with disinfecting and degreasing properties that helps you to get rid of dirty, greasy and unhealthy surfaces. It is a quick-dry formula so that you can perform hard floor cleaning easily whenever you want and without waiting for hours to get the surface dried. It is a green-colored eco-friendly mopping solution that goes well with any auto-mopping machine. It doesn’t harm your skin if you use it with a hand mop or a wipe to clean floor or other surfaces. A scent of lemon is added to give a refreshing feel of the environment after cleaning.

Where to use

Floor of homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, cafes, shopping malls, sports clubs, gyms, markets and many more can be cleaned with this Multi surface cleaner liquid with antibacterial properties. Use this cleaning liquid for degreasing the oily, dirty and greasy surfaces of your home, offices and any other commercial or industrial facility. It is also a hard surface cleaner so you can clean your walls, doors, counter tops, desktops and any other hard surface with our best hard surface cleaning product. Eco citrus neutral cleaner is the best suited for use on Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Vinyl, Ceramic Vinyl and Timber floors both by mopping or auto-scrubbing.


  • Get rid of bad odor with lemon scent
  • Super-quick cleaning experience
  • Quick dry formula
  • Compatible with hard floor electric cleaners
  • No residuals and stains on wood, floor, metal and other surface

Safety and storage information:

Keep this liquid in a dry and cool place and out of reach of children.

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Eco Citrus Neutral Cleaner