Elka 120L Clear Heavy Duty Garbage Bags Carton of 250 (Roll)

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Elka 120 litre clear heavy duty garbage bags bags are suitable for heavy weight operations in kitchens, restaurants, clubs, hotels and councils.


When it comes to proper cleaning, clear plastic bags are a real necessity. Elka 120L large clear plastic bags are durable and strong enough to hold different types of garbage ranging from soft to hard, smooth to rough and flat to blunt. These are extra large clear plastic garbage bags suitable to carry out heavyweight operations in households and commercial places. 

Product Features

Our clear garbage bags are made from premium quality virgin HDPE/LDPE and 25 um thick that commits to providing extra resistance and strength against heavy and sharp garbage materials than any other bag manufactured from recycled material. You can find clear plastic rubbish bags in large and extra-large sizes. 


Clear plastic garbage bags are available in a carton of 250 bags which are packages flat to allow easy dispensing from the box.


You can use or large and extra-large clear plastic garbage bags in the kitchen, bathrooms, washrooms, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, councils and all commercial sites. 


  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy assortment with clear garbage bags
  • Superior strength for bulky and sharp waste disposals
  • Leakage and tear-resistant

You can easily order these 120L heavy-duty garbage bags right from the comfort of your zone through our website and enjoy discounts. 

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Elka 120 litre clear heavy duty garbage bags, High quality virgin garbage bags suitable for heavy weight applications. Typically used in wheelie bins.

  • Brand: Elka
  • Material: Premium Virgin HDPE/LDPE
  • Size: 1100mm x 950mm
  • Seal: Star
  • UM: 25
  • Colour: Clear
  • Carton Qty: 250 bags

They are manufactured from high quality 100 % virgin HDPE/LDPE. Virgin material is stronger, durable and more tear resistant than bags manufactured from recycled. The other benefit of virgin garbage bags is they don’t need to be as thick, which equates to less land fill. Virgin material also offers better product consistency and quality as recycled material quality can vary depending on the source.

The Elka 120 litre clear heavy duty garbage bag is used by customers that need to identify what garbage is being placed in the bag. The ability to see the contents of a bag with a glance are extremely valuable whether you’re throwing things away or using them for storage. Plastic clear garbage bags can save you from accidental disposals and also save you a lot of time digging through multiple bags until you find the one you want. Heavy duty garbage bags possess superior strength for bulky waste requirements. It is manufactured with a strong star seal, 25um thick and extremely strong and durable. They are packaged in a carton of 250 bags and available in an easy dispensable roll of 25 bags per roll and 10 rolls per carton.