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How to Protect Your Hands with an Alcohol Sanitiser

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Washing hand with soap has always been a widely accepted method to keep your hands safe for germs but recent practices has made the use of hand sanitiser mandatory to stay away from germs and killing bacteria and virus. It is not recommended only for the situations when water and soap isn’t available but also after washing your hands to completely confirm cleaned hands.

How to select and buy hand sanitiser online Australia

To make a right choice for hand sanitiser, you need to check the label and follow the below mentioned tips to make a wise decision for your hand sanitiser purchasing.

Check Alcohol Percentage

Hand sanitiser with 60% alcohol is considered more effective therefore alcohol sanitiser is critically important o maintain hygiene. Always be sure to check the sanitiser you purchase contains 60 to 80% alcohol.

Check type of Alcohol

Always avoid alcohol types that are not approved by FDA. Ethanol is proven to be more effective in combating germs than isopropyl alcohol, so check for what type of alchol is present in your hand sanitiser.

Look for Extra Ingredients

Check for extra ingredients in your hand sanitiser such as Aloe to keep your hands smooth and prevent them from dryness that comes with alcohol.

Apply hand sanitiser correctly

Before applying hand sanitiser, make sure you clean your hands for any dirt or grease. Then take small amount of hand sanitiser on your palm and rub it against your both hands thoroughly until hands become dry.

Select a proven brand

With increasing number of brands on market, it is difficult to select one best so always select a brand with already established reputation for efficiency such as Elka hand sanitiser. It is rich in its alcohol content and safe to use on hands.

Where to buy sanitiser

You can place an online order for hand sanitiser bulk purchase and delivery will be done at your doorstep.



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