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Types Of Packaging For Food

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Different types of food packaging

Everyone may know about what is food packaging and what purpose packaging food serves but what is not well known by the people is types of packaging for food. There are different types of food packaging materials that are used in making food package boxes. Below are the different types of food packaging.

Types of packaging for food

Aseptic processing – Aseptic packages are made up of a mixture of paper, polythene, and aluminum. It contains a tight inside layer of polyethylene and is mainly used for the foods that are sterile and meant to be maintained sterile. Such items may include liquid eggs, milk, and milk product links along with other foods. This type of food packaging is best for foods that are processed and needs to be preserved for longer periods of time.

Trays – These are made from different materials such as paperboard, thermoplastic, thermophore sheet etc and used to carry meat, plant seeds, drinks and eggs. These are flat trays with raised edges to keep the product in place.

Bags – This is a common type of food packaging which separates the food from the environment and its impact such as air. These bags are most commonly used for snacks (chips, pretzels) and fruits (apples and potatoes).

Boxes – Boxes are the easiest mode of transporting a food product. Popular materials used for making these boxes are metal, corrugated fiberboard, and wood. Frozen pizzas, cereals, and crackers are all examples of foods packaged in boxes.

Cans – Cans are another excellent way of preserving and transporting food products. These are made of steel or other thin metal when found in stores, as well as glass jars when foods are preserved in the home.

Flexible packaging – Just like bags, flexible packaging is mostly used for protecting food from environment as well as creating an adequate mode of food transportation. Bagged salad is a good example of this type.

Pallets – Used for mass transportation of a product, these pallets are made of different materials and the boxes of product are placed and stacked on these pallets and finally wrapped to secure and prevent the food movement.

Wrappers – This type of food package is used for individual items which aim to provide protection between the food, environmental effects and a person’s hands such as candies, ice creams, and waffles.

Cartons – Similar to boxes, cartons are also made up of fiberboard and used interchangeably with boxes. There are four sub-categories of cartons, out of which most common is the egg carton which is molded to the shape of the egg to add protection while the food product is mobile. Another sub category is folding cartons, which begin as flat pieces of corrugated fiberboard and then assembled by the food manufacturer, the third category is aseptic cartons that are used to protect milk, juices and soups. Lastly,  there are gable tops, usually require the gables at the top to be pinched then pulled in order to be opened. These are also used to hold milk, juice or any other liquid.


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