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Latex Gloves VS Nitrile Gloves

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A lot of people use disposable gloves but only a few know what type of nitrile vs latex gloves you should use in the food, cleaning and medical facilities. All gloves work to protect your hands from germs, chemicals and any other harms but quality matters most.

Mostly used types of gloves are either nitrile gloves or latex gloves. There are very clear differences which make them suitable for different jobs and its best to wear the right type of gloves for complete safety.  A comparison can help many people to select the Nitrile gloves vs latex gloves according to their need.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are basically made of synthetic rubber compound which is quite popular for making disposable materials. Nitrile is considered a good disposable glove material which is not only affordable but also has high puncture resistance than any other glove material. Nitrile gloves are usually described as “medical grade” ensure that they work well in high-risk situations involving infectious materials.  They are made in bright colors making it easier to spot if the gloves have been punctured.

Latex Gloves

Unlike nitrile, latex is a natural compound that has been a traditional and most trusted material of choice for disposable gloves. As compared to nitrile gloves, latex gloves boasts strong elastic properties and fit like a second skin on your hands. It offers reliable performance by combining comfort with dexterity and flexibility and works as a barrier protection against infection and contamination. These are lightly powdered on the inside making them easier to pull on.

Cost of nitrile vs latex gloves

Nitrile gloves are expensive due to being costly to produce and purchase, however, latex gloves can also fluctuate in its cost due to the availability of natural resources but overall they are cost-effective and biodegradable to boot.

So, in terms of quality, nitrile is a better choice while for the cost-effectiveness, latex is a cheaper option.  All those who do not involve in serious medical or industrial activities without requiring need for strong chemical and puncture resistance can go for latex gloves.

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